This is Our Country … Our Future

Our forefathers have lived on this land for some 35,000 years and we feel proud and excited that we can share this experience with all Australians and visitors from all cultures and backgrounds far and wide.

We have sacrificed aspects of our local landscape on “Country” to secure our future and the development and wellbeing of future generations of Aboriginal Peoples of the Western Cape Region.

In the early days of mining we did not have a say about what was happening to our beautiful landscape.

In 2001 eleven (11) Traditional Owner groups in the Western Cape entered into an Indigenous Land Use Agreement with Comalco, the then Bauxite Mine Operator later to become Rio Tinto Weipa. This Agreement is called the Western Cape Communities Co-Existence Agreement and it was established to provide prosperity and opportunity for our people, places and culture.

Our Values … Reflect our People and Passions

  • Belonging: Aligned, empowered and enlightened Communities with a healthy sense of purpose, wellbeing and connection to country.
  • Community Engagement: Listen to us and we can build our future together.
  • Future Generations: Courageous in demonstrating personal and organisational leadership to make the changes for our future sustainability. Future leaders created from our youth to our elders speaking with ONE voice.
  • Opportunity: Individuals, groups and Community engaged in activities which provide employment, economic opportunity and self determination.
  • Respect: Respectful and committed to one another and to the Western Cape fostering healthy Communities with a pride of achievement and a thriving future.

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