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Aboriginal Shire Councils

The Four Aboriginal Shire Councils are signatories to the Western Cape Communities Co-existence Agreement. They are representatives of their respective communities and elected onto the WCCCA Companies and Committees by resolution of each Council (with the exception of NPARC, see notes below).

Aurukun Aboriginal Shire CouncilMapoon Aboriginal Shire CouncilNapranum Aboriginal Shire CouncilNorthern Peninsula Area Regional Council

Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council (NPARC)

In March 2008, The State of Queensland introduced legislation that resulted in the amalgamation of the combined local government areas for Bamaga Island Council, Injinoo Aboriginal Council, Umagico Aboriginal Council, New Mapoon Aboriginal Council and Seisia Island Council. As an outcome to the amalgamation, the NPARC was established and is now recognised as the local Government entity for the Northern Peninsula region. The New Mapoon representative elected and appointed to NPARC is the only representative that can sit on WCCCA Boards and Committees.

It is important to note that the amalgamation does not change the beneficiaries of the Trusts, and in being recognised as a signatory to the WCCCA moving forward, this does not provide NPARC with entitlement to the financial benefits that WCCT Sub-Regional Trusts allocate to their Councils. These benefits will continue to be distributed to New Mapoon Enterprises on behalf of the New Mapoon community.

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