Our Country … Our Future

“We have sacrificed aspects of our local landscape On Country, to secure our future and the development and wellbeing of future generations of Aboriginal people of the Western Cape Region. In the early days of mining we did not have a say about what was happening to our beautiful landscape.”

The Western Cape Communities Co-Existence Agreement (WCCCA) was signed in March 2001 and is an Indigenous Land Use Agreement between 11 Traditional Owner Groups and the operator of the Bauxite Mine in the region (currently Rio Tinto).

To help administer the agreement and distribute contributions received to facilitate community development for the Traditional Owner Groups, the WCCCA established the Western Cape Communities Trust (WCCT) and Western Cape Communities Coordinating Committee (WCCCC).

The WCCT and WCCCC are not parties to our agreement, but were created by our agreement, to serve the best interests of the Traditional Owner Groups.

The WCCT and its Sub-Regional Trusts were formalised on 23 September 2002. They receive contributions from Rio Tinto and the Queensland Government, in return for use of lands and support for Rio Tinto’s activities.

Our Trusts are charitable trusts for the purposes of community development for Traditional Owner Groups’ benefit and not for individual benefit. There are four linked Trusts: the WCCT (Main Trust), the Southern, Central and Northern Sub-Regional Trusts. This structure reflects Sub-Regional independence, aspirations and decision-making.

The WCCCC was also formalised on 23 September 2002. Its role is to monitor, implement and review the WCCCA, ensuring all parties to the Agreement meet their obligations.

United we are passionate for our country and take ownership of a thriving future!

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