WCCT Sub-Regional Trusts

The Northern, Central and Southern Sub-Regional Trusts are all separate charitable trusts operating under the WCCT to oversee community development projects. The three Sub-Regional Trusts jointly receive 35% of all financial contributions made to the Main Trust. All have separate Boards of Directors, elected from the Traditional Owner Groups from their respective regions. There is also Shire Council representation on the Sub-Regional Trusts.

Each Sub-Regional Trust has its own Grant Funding Guidelines, which are available as downloadable documents (see right).

List of Directors 2022 – 2024

Northern Sub-Regional Trust

  • Charles Woosup – Ankamuthi
  • Teresa Gibson – Ankamuthi
  • Edna Mark – Warranggu (Chairperson)
  • Patricia Mark – Warranggu
  • Clara Day – Taepadhighi
  • Geraldine Mamoose – Tjungundji
  • Geraldine York – Tjungundji
  • Constance Port – Yupungathi (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Michelle Kostecki – Yupungathi
  • Dept Mayor Justina Reid – Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council
  • Cr Marlene Bond – NPARC (New Mapoon elected representative)

Central Sub-Regional Trust

  • Carol Yamashita – Thanikwithi
  • Matilda John – Alngith
  • Maurice Woodley – Anathangayth
  • Marie Pitt – Peppan (Chairperson)
  • Lorraine Coconut – Wathayn (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Mayor Roy Chevathen – Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council

Southern Sub-Regional Trust

  • Loyla Chevathen – Wik-Waya (Chairperson)
  • Amanda Woolla – Wik-Waya
  • Pearl Matthew – Wik-Waya
  • Richard Ornyengaia – Wik-Waya
  • Andrea Ngakyunkwokka – Wik-Waya (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Mayor Barbara Bandicootcha – Aurukun Shire Council

Directors are elected for a 2 year term. The current term expires around October 2024.

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