WCCT Investment Committee

As part of the overall Governance Model of the WCCT, the Board of Directors established an Investment Committee. The Investment Committee, in conjunction with the Investment Portfolio Manager, supervises, manages and evaluates the management of the WCCT Investment Portfolio, as it is defined in the overall WCCT Investment Strategy. It provides advice and recommendations to the Main Trust Board of Directors, regarding relevant investment activities.

The WCCT Investment Strategy Vision

To grow the value of its investment portfolio to a sufficient level so as to enable the continuation and long-term sustainability of Sub-Regional Trust funding or community development and Traditional Owner Group projects at an agreed level, upon the conclusion of the WCCCA and cessation of the Rio Tinto and State of Queensland contributions.

WCCT Investment Committee Members

The WCCT Investment Committee will be chaired by a member of the Main Trust Board of Directors and comprise membership which gives representation to the Parties represented on the Main Trust as follows:

  • Main Trust Director representative from the Northern Trust Area
  • Main Trust Director representative from the Central Trust Area
  • Main Trust Director representative from the Southern Trust Area
  • Chairperson from the Main Trust
  • Independent Financial Advisor

Directors are elected for a 2 year term. The current term expires around October 2024.

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