WCCCC Operations Sub-Committee:
Land Relinquishment & Transfer

The WCCCC Operations Sub-Committee (Land Relinquishment & Transfer) provides a forum for all parties to drive the land relinquishment and transfer process and consult, review, provide advice and recommendations to the WCCCC, as identified in the Western Cape Communities Coexistence Agreement (WCCCA) and the WCCCA Strategic Plan.

Operations Sub-Committee Members

The Operations Sub-Committee is chaired by a member of the Coordinating Committee and comprises membership which gives representation to the Parties represented on the Coordinating Committee as follows:

  • Florence Charger – WCCCC Chairperson
  • Isabella Hall – Central Representative
  • Maurice Woodley – Central Representative
  • Edna Mark –  Northern Representative
  • Geraldine York – Northern Representative
  • Loyla Chevathen – Southern Representative
  • Kathy Owokran – Southern Representative
  • Fiona Kruger – Manager, Communications and Communities, Rio Tinto Weipa
  • Jo Bryant – Queensland State Government
  • Katrina Savo-  Implementation Manager, WCCT

Members are elected for a 2 year term. The current term expires in around October 2020.

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