WCCCA Strategic Plan

“The strategic plan defines our vision, objectives and goals and provides the strategies for the WCCT and its Sub Regional Trusts to focus on and work in partnership with WCCCC, Rio Tinto, Queensland State government, Cape York Land Council and other stakeholders.” – Loyla Chevathen WCCT Chairperson 2016

The Purpose of the Strategic Plan

To provide strategies, objectives, goals and a clear vision for the future. In developing this Strategic Plan, a series of workshops were held over several months and included Company Directors, Members, Elders, Youth, Council representatives, our partners to the Agreement – Rio Tinto Weipa, Queensland State Government and the Cape York Land Council, and the WCCT Administration team. Furthermore, extensive engagement was carried out in each of the Communities with Traditional Owners and community members, thus enabling their voices, aspirations and vision to be captured in the objectives and goals.

Our freedom and fulfillment come from the creation of a future we all believe in.

WCCCA Strategic Plan

Our Five Key Objectives

  • Culture and Country
  • Community Wellbeing
  • Social Development
  • Economic Development
  • Corporate Management

Upcoming Events

October 11, 2024 Funding Applications Close
August 5, 2024 Sub-Committees (E&T, E&H, EWMC, AMC)
August 6, 2024 Sub-Committees (E&T, E&H, EWMC, AMC)
August 7, 2024 Sub-Committees (E&T, E&H, EWMC, AMC)

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