Northern Sub-Regional Trust Funding Opportunities


The Northern Sub-Regional Trust (NSRT) will support and sponsor initiatives and activities of particular communities living within the WCCCA area that are for charitable purposes or promoting benefit to the overall welfare of the communities.

Under the terms of the trust deed for the Western Cape Communities Trust, the key objectives are to;

  • allocate and distribute Trust funds for the benefit of the Communities and their organisations
  • promote the benefit and general welfare of the Communities by providing loans, grants, and goods and services
  • provided that the use of Trust funds is for charitable purposes.
  • relief of poverty, and needs arising from old age or sickness and distress;
  • advancement of education;
  • advancement of religion; and/or
  • other purposes beneficial to the Community.

Application Forms & Dates

An extensive rage of funding application forms, as well as the NSRT Grant Funding Guidelines can be accessed on the right hand side of this page. The due dates for funding rounds in 2020 are: 10 January 2020 | 10 April 2020 | 10 July 2020 | 10 October 2020.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to apply for funding from the NSRT applicants must satisfy the charitable purposes requirement mentioned above and meet one of the criteria listed below:

  1. a member of the following five Traditional Owner Groups: the Ankamuthi People | the Taepadhighi People | the Tjungundji People | the Warranggu People | the Yupungathi People. (Note: to become a registered Shareholder please contact the WCCT Finance Team)
  2. a member of the following communities: the Mapoon Community – i.e. Aboriginal people who ordinarily resident in or around Mapoon | the New Mapoon Community – Aboriginal people who are ordinarily resident in or around New Mapoon
  3. an Aboriginal person who ordinarily reside in and around the land or waters within the “Northern Sub-Region” – i.e. the ILUA area which forms part of the traditional lands and waters of the five Traditional Owner Groups described above;
  4. the Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council and the New Mapoon Aboriginal Corporation for the benefit of the communities listed in 2 above;
  5. a community sporting club acting in the advancement of social and cultural activities within the Northern Sub-Region;
  6. community sporting activities and training camps from outside the Northern Sub-Region that provide programs that service one of the five Traditional Owner Groups;
  7. church groups within the Northern Sub-Region;
  8. local Indigenous organisations or cultural groups of the Northern Sub-Region; or
  9. schools from the four Communities covered under the WCCCA. Schools from outside the four Communities will be considered on a case by basis.

All applications must meet these minimum requirements in order to receive any funding and all Applications will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the Trustee Board of the NSRT against the terms of the NSRT Trust Deed, the WCCCA and this Grant Funding Guideline.

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