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The Western Cape Communities Co-Existence Agreement (WCCCA) recognises traditional ownership and provides community with a range of benefits and opportunities, including but not limited to: employment, training, cultural heritage and site protection, cultural awareness, support for ranger programs and educational bursaries, relinquishment of land, and a royalty stream to charitable trusts for community benefit purposes. These opportunities are made available to approved applicants and applications from the 11 Traditional Owner Groups.

Traditional Owner Groups

The 11 Traditional Owner Groups of the WCCCA are: Alngith, Anathangayth, Ankamuthi, Peppan, Taepadhighi, Thanikwithi, Tjungundji, Warranggu, Wathayn, Wik and Wik-Waya and Yupungathi.


The WCCT and its Sub-Regional Trusts were established for the benefit of the Traditional Owner Groups and their communities. There are five linked Trusts: the WCCT (Main Trust), the Southern, Central and Northern Sub-Regional Trusts, and the Western Cape Communities Property Trust (Property Trust). This structure reflects Sub-Regional independence, determination and decision-making.

Each Trust was created by a relevant Trust Deed which states the rules within which the Trust must operate, prescribes its investment guidelines, and describes how benefits will accrue to Trust beneficiaries under the deed and how benefits will be held (e.g. an appointed Custodian Trustee holds property for each of the WCCT and the Southern, Central and Northern Sub-Regional Trusts).

Funding + Grants + Assistance

Each of the Sub-Regional Trusts have different funding guidelines (see right). Things you can apply for include:

  • Community Development
  • Church Activities Funding
  • Community Wellbeing
  • Cultural Activities
  • Educational Bursaries
  • Funeral Assistance
  • Medical Equipment
  • Outstations
  • Whitegoods Goods
  • Household Goods
  • Food Assistance
  • Donations
  • Disabilities Assistance
  • Rangers

Each Sub-Regional Trust has different eligibility requirements when applying for grants. Please see the relevant page or contact us today on (07) 4069 7945 or reception@westerncape.com.au

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