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Western Cape
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The Western Cape Communities Trust

The Western Cape Communities Trust (WCCT) and the Western Cape Communities Coordinating Committee (WCCCC) were established by the Western Cape Communities Co-Existence Agreement (WCCCA). It is important to note that the WCCT and the WCCCC are not parties to the Agreement, but rather created by the Agreement, and serve very different roles.

The Agreement was signed in March 2001 and is an Indigenous Land Use Agreement (ILUA) over the mining lease areas. The Agreement is between eleven Traditional Owner Groups, four Shire Councils (Aurukun, Napranum, Mapoon and New Mapoon), Comalco (now Rio Tinto), the Queensland State Government and the Cape York Land Council on behalf of the Native Title Parties. The Queensland Government agreed to provide additional financial benefits on registration of the Agreement as an ILUA. The Agreement was registered with the National Native Title Tribunal under the Native Title Act 1993 on 24 August 2001.


This website may contain photos and images of Traditional Owners who have passed away. Should there be any concerns with any image on this website please contact us.

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October 11, 2024 Funding Applications Close
August 5, 2024 Sub-Committees (E&T, E&H, EWMC, AMC)
August 6, 2024 Sub-Committees (E&T, E&H, EWMC, AMC)
August 7, 2024 Sub-Committees (E&T, E&H, EWMC, AMC)

“United we are passionate for our country and take ownership of a thriving future!”

“We recognize, honour and respect our past and in unity we seek sustainable advancement and development for the future of our communities.” Western Cape Communities Trust Vision

“We will be transparent in monitoring, implementing and reviewing the objectives of the WCCCA to ensure that all parties obligations under the agreement are met.” Western Cape Communities Coordinating Committee Vision

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Our forefathers have lived on this land for some 30,000 years, we pay our respects to the Traditional Owners, both past, present and future, of the 11 Traditional Owner Groups who are signatories to the WCCCA. We acknowledge the invaluable contribution that all past and present Directors. Members, Staff and Volunteers have made to the effective functioning of the WCCCA.

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