Western Cape Communities Coordinating Committee

The Western Cape Communities Coordinating Committee (WCCCC) was established by the WCCCA to ensure all parties to the agreement carry out their obligations and responsibilities. The role of the WCCCC is to monitor, implement and review. The WCCCC has a very different role and responsibilities from those of the WCCT.

Representatives on the Committee are Members, not Directors. The WCCCC has three Sub-Committees: Environment and Heritage; Employment and Training; and Operations (Land Relinquishment and Transfer). Additional Sub-Committees can be formed to deal with specific projects, such as the South of the Embley Project Sub-Committee.

WCCCC Membership

WCCCC membership consists of:

  • 2 members from each of the 11 Traditional Owner Groups
  • 1 member from each of the four Aboriginal Shire Councils, i.e. Aurukun, Mapoon, NPARC (New Mapoon elected representative only) and Napranum
  • 1 member from each of the following: Rio Tinto Weipa; the Cape York Land Council; and the Queensland Government
  • WCCT Executive Officer (no voting rights)
  • 1 invitee from the Weipa Town Authority (no voting rights)

Appointment to the WCCCC is for a period of two years.

The WCCCC Vision

We will be transparent in monitoring, implementing and reviewing the objectives of the WCCCA to ensure that all parties’ obligations under the Agreement are met.

Coordinating Committee Members 2016 – 2018

  • Corine Matasia – Thanikwithi (Chairperson)
  • Anna Motton – Thanikwithi
  • David Grego – Tjingundji (Deputy Chairperson)
  • Geraldine Mamoose – Tjingundji
  • Matilda John – Alngith
  • Jacqueline Madua – Alngith
  • Amanda Woodley – Anathangayth
  • Maurice Woodley – Anathangayth
  • Teresa Gibson – Ankamuthi
  • Charles Woosup – Ankamuthi
  • Charlene Boxer – Peppan
  • Marie Pitt – Peppan
  • Florence Charger – Taepadhighi
  • Alison Sailor – Taepadhighi
  • Enda Mark – Warranggu
  • Patricia Mark – Warranggu
  • Lexie Gordon – Wathyn
  • Lorranine Coconut – Wathyn
  • Loyla Chevathen – Wik-Waya
  • Barbara Bandicootcha – Wik-Waya
  • Jennifer Ngallametta – Yupungathi
  • Richard Ah Mat (Snr) – Yupungathi
  • Mayor Derek Walpo – Aurukun Shire Council
  • Mayor Rex Burke – Napranum Aboriginal Shire Council
  • Cr Brendan Brown-Wheeler – Mapoon Aboriginal Shire Council
  • Cr Michael Bond – New Mapoon Representative on NPARC
  • Brad Welsh – Rio Tinto
  • Peter Callaghan – Cape York Land Council
  • Allen Cunneen – Queensland Government
  • Executive Officer – WCCT (no voting rights)
  • Michael Rowland – Weipa Town Authority (no voting rights)

Honorary Members

  • Ivy Gordon – Anathangayth Elder
  • Maryann Coconut – Thanikwithi Elder
  • Beatrice Gordon – Wathayn Elder
  • Lily York – Warranggu Elder
  • Celia Fletcher – Taepadhighi Elder

Members are elected for a 2 year term. The current term expires in around October 2018

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