WCCT Executive Officer

The Executive Officer is responsible for the management of the day to day operations of the Western Cape Communities Trust, Property Trust, Sub-Regional Trusts, the Coordinating Committee and Sub-Committees including staff and finances, in such a way as to ensure that the business and strategic objectives are achieved under the Western Cape Communities Co-Existence Agreement, Trust Deeds and Constitutions, Strategic Plan and other related legal and statutory obligations.

The Executive Officer also provides assistance and support to Trustees, Coordinating Committee members and Traditional Owners.

The Executive Officer is responsible for ensuring that all risks that could affect the capacity of the WCCT to meet its responsibilities and accountabilities are identified, assessed and managed in accordance with professionally recognised ‘best practice’.

WCCT Executive Officer Diagram

Michelle Kostecki - Transition Manager

I am a Traditional Owner from the Yupungathi clan group, Pennefather River Weipa.  I have grown up in Weipa with my family and I completed years 1-12 at the Weipa North State School, now known as Western Cape College.

I am an A class shareholder and joined the Western Cape Communities Trust Board of Directors in November 2012 until November 2018 representing my clan group, as well as a Member of the Coordinating Committee.  I joined the Western Cape Communities Trust administration team in September 2018 in this role of Transition Manager that acts in the capacity of the Western Cape Communities Trust Executive Officer.

I successfully completed a trade as a qualified Electrical Fitter/Mechanical and moved back to Weipa in 2008 to commence back at Rio Tinto.  I have been here for the past 10 years and expanded my experience in strategic planning and leadership.

I have a passion for Culture and Country and I enjoy being able to help many Traditional Owners to understand this business and look for opportunities to gain skills and increase education within our Communities across the Western Cape Region.  I am a proud successful Aboriginal woman in today’s workforce and a good role model for my family and our Communities under the Agreement.

I am truly honoured having been given an opportunity to represent all the beneficiaries of the WCCCA and representing all the Communities of the Western Cape Region as the first Traditional Owner in this role.

Elizabeth Foster - Office Manager

After spending my life growing up in the Cassowary Coast region I moved to Weipa in 2011. I joined the WCCT Team in March 2017, as Office Manager.

I find my role as Office Manager for the Trust both rewarding and enjoyable. I enjoy helping others and assisting people to achieve their goals and expand their skills.

I am learning a lot about Traditional Owners and their communities and culture, and I feel fortunate to have this opportunity to develop myself further.

It is satisfying to be part of an organisation that strives to improve the quality of people’s lives, and I am looking forward to contributing towards the exciting developments the WCCT have put in place for the future.

Zoey Sagiba - Administration Officer

I have lived in Weipa for almost 5 years now and feel truly blessed to live in such a beautiful part of Australia.

I have lived in Cairns most of my life before then and I am of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent. My great grandparents (Mothers side) are Ankamuthi people of whom I am a proud descendant of.

Since joining the Trust Team in June 2016, I have learnt and gained so much experience both culturally and professionally.

It is a privilege to be working with the WCCT Team, Board of Directors and Members and the Shareholders. I aspire to help my people and gain as much knowledge and experience as possible.

Shawntaye Manantan - Reception Administration Assistant

I was born in Weipa and raised in Cairns Queensland.  I have been living in Weipa for 5 years. I am a part of the Taepadhighi clan from my father’s side and Tjungundji clan from my mother’s side.

Since joining the WCCT team in August 2018, it is a pleasure to be working alongside such amazing people. Working with the Trust gives me the opportunity to meet new people and get to know the other Traditional Owners from all the different clan groups.

Kaylene Jawai - Implementation Officer

Napranum is home to me, I have lived here all my life and am so grateful to grow up in such a beautiful region.   My Traditional Owner group is Thanikwithi.

It is a privilege to be working in this position and I look forward to working with the WCCT staff, Traditional Owners and other Shareholders.  From this I hope to gain skills and further my understanding that will enable me to contribute and share the knowledge and experiences with others.

Florence Charger - Implementation Officer

I have lived in Napranum for most of my life.  Growing up and being a part of this most beautiful Western Cape Region with all my families, I have always known that I am truly blessed.

Within my role as Implementation Officer, I am very much looking forward to working closer alongside my families, communities and other Shareholders within the WCCCA.

How privileged I feel to be working within the WCCT team together with our Shareholders.  The structures and partnerships we have enables relationships that both strengthen and support the aspirations of Traditional Owners as well as the overall future of the Western Cape.

We look forward to yarning with you, when we visit your Community throughout this year.

Kristiana Carroll - Finance Manager

I hold a Master of Accounting with additional qualifications in business management, hospitality and tourism. I am an Associate member of CPA Australia, participating in continued professional development.

I have experience in management and financial accounting, administration management and corporate restructure.

My Interests include efficiency and accuracy of accounting information systems, and encouraging and assisting with training and development so that aspirations can become reality.

Charraine Bond - Finance Grants Officer

I have been living in Weipa for the past 8 years, and I am originally from NPA Community of New Mapoon.

My heritage is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. My Traditional Owner group is Taepadhighi. I have been working at the Trust Office since 2010 in the Administration and Finance departments.

Living and growing up in Community from a young age made me develop a passion for community work; I love helping others and enjoy working closely with the Shareholders and Traditional Owners.

Working for the Trust is a privilege and I have learnt a whole range of skills culturally as well as professionally.

I have enjoyed seeing the changes and developments over the years and look forward to the future working for the Western Cape Communities Trust.

Rachel Dick - Finance Grants Officer

I was born and raised in Weipa and began working with the WCCT in February 2018. I am of Torres Strait Islander descent and am very proud of my culture.

As my first full-time job, I hope to learn and develop new and rewarding skills that can be used to successfully contribute towards the WCCT.

I am excited to be working with the WCCT Team, Board of Directors, Members and Shareholders, and look forward to the new experiences this job will bring.

Andrina East - Senior Finance Officer

I moved to Weipa in 2015 from Cairns and began working with the WCCT in August 2018 and I am of Torres Strait Islander decent.

Becoming apart of the WCCT team I hope to expand my skills and knowledge in the area of administration and get to know and understand the Traditional Owner groups in the Western Cape Region.

I look forward to working alongside the WCCT team, Board of Directors, Members and Shareholders.

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